This word means the action of creating bonds in a territory and transforming it into home. It comes from the word roots, the part of a plant that is attached to the ground

As a social company

We define ourselves as a bridge that makes the integration of newcomers in the rural area possible. 

Proyecto Arraigo is a social company through which we aim to bridge the gap between the towns and the new settlers. 

We are a private, sustainable, scalable social initiative with a multi-agent approach, pioneer in population services for rural repopulation and with our own methodology and implementation in the territory

We are a multidisciplinary team that maintains, attracts and retains talent in the rural environment


In Spain 20% of the population lives in 80% of the territory. We started this challenging path in Soria, one of the territories with fewer inhabitants in Europe similar to Lapland or HIghLands of Scotland.


During the last 5 years we have achieved the following milestones: 


families interested


families move to the villages




We identify the resources of each territory, the local government and citizens involved and establish collaborative strategies that guarantee actions such as attracting talent and settling population. Our actions are aimed at enhancing the value of single-family real estate, rehabilitation of ruins, co-living projects among others and the activation of key development opportunities in the municipality.

Our proposed methodology engages our main stakeholders

The Public administration

by strengthening relationships with public local institutions we are currently working in more than 200 towns distributed in the provinces of Madrid, Burgos, Soria, Zaragoza, Jaén, Cuenca, Palencia, Zamora and Segovia and we are in the process of starting a collaboration with other provinces such as Salamanca, Ávila, Valladolid, León and A Coruña among others. MAPA

Local partner

Identifying infrastructures and resources of the territory with the potential to be reactivated through alliances with external third parties (private initiative, investors, entrepreneurs…) such as property owners, companies based in rural areas with employment opportunities, communities and associations, key stakeholders in the reception and settlement of the newcomers We believe and support the development of existing projects in the area, and we are committed to offer talent from newcomers.

Target new settlers

we currently have over 6.000 families registered in our database interested in making the leap to the rural world tired of the hustle and bustle of cities. The newcomers look for new opportunities, a new way of living, or simply continue with the same career  in a more relaxed and healthier environment. Through proyecto arraigo we provide guidance and companionship along the   the relocation process.

Our strengths include our own methodology in population services, proven and constantly improved. Prior research and analysis of the territories, as well as the personal and professional profiles of urbanites. A broad vision of the opportunity represented by the balance between urban and  population and, therefore, of the main levers to stabilise the population. This requires a balance between investment in services and social support.

We build the future, facilitating the implementation of entrepreneurs and workers and connecting them with local SMEs, with an intergenerational vision in establishing synergies.

We bring value to assets that already exist in the local community but are under-utilised. We work with locals to give them the confidence to rent houses and to welcome and integrate newcomers with all the benefits this brings to the community.

We have also the support of promoters such as

Allies in the territory



 We are aligned with the SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities. We believe that living in main cities of Spain can be hard for low-medium economic families because of the increase in the cost of living, the stress or the long commuting hours. On the contrary, living in small villages has become, thanks to services, transport and telecommunication infrastructure, a good option for people who are seeking more affordable and closer to natural atmospheres.


most of the families that write to us want to be part of a strong community, participate in social activities and be part of a village life. Helping build this sense of community  is in proyecto arraigos DNA by creating and making the local community part of this project.


making a move to a village is not easy, we were born as an innovative solution to make this step easier. At the beginning most of the families need a job to start, but we have proof that 1 out of every 3 families start their own business before the first year. Once you live in a place you are able to see the opportunities.





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